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Oatmeal is the healthy way to start the day but for the life of me I can’t eat a bowl of it without dressing it up with brown sugar, raisins, maple syrup, anything to give it some umph. Made with milk it’s so much better than if made with just water–plus it gives you calcium!

Ah, the joys of mush:


1 Paul   ~  Jan 5, 2011 10:31 am

Try this:


It's nutty more than mushy and so has much more flavor than the old Quaker Instant we grew up on. Throw in some frozen fruit and nuts and it's much better than you thought and without the added refined sugar. Though a dash of maple syrup is always nice...

Plus, did you know that kids learn better eating a bowl of oats than a bowl of processed sugar?:

2 Yankster   ~  Jan 5, 2011 2:52 pm

Try simmering it like pasta, with lots of extra water, for five minutes and then chucking the water. It won't have the consistency of glue and won't need as much saucing to eat.

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