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Lighten Up, Francis

A trip to the SI Vault brings us this gem on David Cone by my man John Ed Bradley. From the 1993 Baseball Preview issue:

In Kansas City they make a top-notch steak and some fine barbecue. And first-rate music if you go for jazz. And maybe a decent sportswriter or two—they make that. Or used to. Wasn’t it Hemingway who had a start there, long, long time ago? But hot young baseball talent…they just don’t make much. And, no sir, they never have.

When David Cone was a kid living in a blue-collar neighborhood on the northeast side of Kansas City, he never imagined he would grow up to be the best-paid pitcher the game has ever known. He told people he wanted to be a scribe, like Oscar Madison, the irascible slob in The Odd Couple. Have a beat and lots of dizzy dames. Have an apartment and keep it ear-deep in filth. Have a drink and a smoke before getting out of bed in the morning. Have whatever, since Oscar Madison didn’t seem to give a hoot.

Have a ball, in other words.

Love the nutzo picture of Coney on the cover. Man, it’ll be refreshing to have him back in the YES booth this season, huh?


1 ms october   ~  Mar 23, 2011 12:05 pm

that pictures is hilarious!

damn i didn't even know coney was going to be back on yes - that's great.

2 Bronx Boy in NC   ~  Mar 23, 2011 12:55 pm

Ah, Coney. Proof that badass comes in all kinds of packages.

3 Sliced Bread   ~  Mar 23, 2011 1:09 pm

1) me neither. Great news!

4 Just Fair   ~  Mar 23, 2011 2:06 pm

Hot Damn. First time I've heard of this, too. Fridays just started smelling a whole lot better.

5 YankeeAbby   ~  Mar 24, 2011 2:11 pm

Me three! Very late to the party but TOTALLY STOKED that Coney is coming back to YES - I missed him!

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