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Old Man Jeter

Over at ESPN, David Schoenfield looks at what we can expect from from Derek Jeter this year:

Yes, the eyes of the baseball world are always on Derek Jeter. But as he approaches his 3,000th career hit, he’ll face more scrutiny than ever. Jeter has been tweaking his swing during spring training, working with hitting coach Kevin Long to fix the stride on his front foot, which too often was moving toward the plate instead of the pitcher. Jeter says all this has been overanalyzed, and that making adjustments is something he’s done throughout his career.

You may not be a Yankees fan, but I’m guessing all this means you’re paying attention to Derek Jeter in 2011.

History does not suggest that Jeter will have a great year. But, stranger things have happened…right?

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1 bp1   ~  Mar 23, 2011 11:34 pm

Kinda reminds me of those predictions the talking heads make in late April or early May. "Only 3 of 57 teams that were blah games or more under .500 after blah blah games have gone on to blah blah blah". It fills article space and generates phone calls for talk radio. Yankees made the playoffs anyway, 'cause that's what good teams do.

Derek Jeter is a hall of fame player. One of the best ever. Time catches up with everyone, but he is the kind of athlete that is at the far end of the bell curve. The HOFers are the exceptions. The rules and laws of averages don't apply as easily. They are - by definition - different.

For goodness sake, let the man play.

2 rbj   ~  Mar 24, 2011 10:43 am

"Old man Jeter"?

The kid's a rookie, right?

Gosh do I feel old now.

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