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Big Sexy

Oh, Ursula. What an exotic-looking beauty. And what a name: Ursual Andress.

Man, John Derek must have been one smooth sombitch, huh?

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1 Greg G   ~  May 17, 2011 2:06 pm

My roomate Irene was an Assistant for Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin in the late 90's. Harry Hamlin and Ursula worked together on the set of Clash of the Titans and had a son together. He was staying at our house one weekend and this was before cell phones were popular, so he gave his Mom our number. She called for him on our line and I answered the phone. I was imagining her in her bathing suit from Dr. No, but then her son Dmitri (I think his name is?) showed me a picture of her, and my vision was dashed! She also had a really think accent. I remember hearing that her lines were dubbed over for Dr. No. I loved her character's name, "Honey Rider."

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