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Ruh Roh

Speaking of Tommy John, Joba Chamberlain has a torn ligament in his right elbow and is likely done for the year.


1 Shaun P.   ~  Jun 9, 2011 4:46 pm

Call me any name in the book, I feel compelled to say it:

After all the Joba Rules, all the jerking back and forth between roles, all the "Whoops - gotta give him 3 weeks off he might throw too many innings", all the "ooh, he can't start, even though he did all last year, he's not strong enough and is too likely to get hurt, blah blah blah" - now we get this?!?!

Seeing that next year's rotation is:
and pray
that Hughes can stay
healthy and that CC doesn't go away
and Nova, may. . .be

I hope like hell that the Yanks rehab the kid as a starter.

2 Shaun P.   ~  Jun 9, 2011 4:47 pm

Oops. Seems I forgot to close my bold tag. Sorry, everybody!

3 RIYank   ~  Jun 9, 2011 4:57 pm

I dunno, Shaun, I'm thinking Brackman or Betances or Bunuelos might be a better choice next year.
If I may be so bold.

I'd also like to point out that Russell Martin has the same salary as Damaso Marte this year. I can't quite get my mind around it.

4 Sliced Bread   ~  Jun 9, 2011 4:58 pm

I just dusted off my 2007 Joba Map. I have one of the last remaining original copies, just so you know, and according to my trusty 2007 Joba Map everything is going precisely according to plan.
This development was scripted 4 years ago to occur on this exact date.
The Yankees are so on the money with Joba's development it's spooky - if you're hip to the secret plan, that is.
I'd let you see the 2007 Joba Map, but I've already secured it back inside my climate controlled vault where I store such important documents.
I could also tell you the exact date and time that Mitre will be back on the roster,but why sperl the surprise?

5 rbj   ~  Jun 9, 2011 5:13 pm

Bloody bollocks!!

6 ny2ca2dc   ~  Jun 9, 2011 5:23 pm

Well good thing they didn't trade him (plus) for Dan Haren.

They fuggin better not bring Hughes back in the bullpen.

7 mhoward120   ~  Jun 9, 2011 5:25 pm

We still can bring Kei Igawa up, right?
Any options left on The Fat Toad?
Did Ed Whitson ever really formally retire?
Can we lure Kevin Brown out of retirement?
Did I really renew my season tickets this year?
Is that Kate Smith singing God Bless America or, gulp, the Fat Lady?

8 monkeypants   ~  Jun 9, 2011 5:34 pm

[6] Naaah, you got it backwards. They should put everybody in the bullpen. Imagine: 12 or 13 relievers and no starters...not only would everyone's "stuff" "play better," the Chessmasterâ„¢ would have virtually endless moves and gambits at his disposal.

9 William J.   ~  Jun 9, 2011 5:41 pm

The irony is that after years of babying him, Girardi let him throw a near career high 35 pitches in relief, despite having tenderness for two weeks! Maybe the timing is just a coincidence, but that Sunday outing now looks nothing short of reckless.

10 Ken Arneson   ~  Jun 9, 2011 6:02 pm

[1] I fixed the bold tag in the comment.

11 Shaun P.   ~  Jun 9, 2011 6:09 pm

[10] Thanks, Ken. All the years I've done programming, and you'd think I'd be careful enough not to forget the backslash. Sigh.

[3] For the monent, Betances is the only one I'd bet on, and he's likely to be innings limited. Once Joba is healthy, I'd take him over Nova. I think I'd take Noesi over Nova, too, for that matter.

Brackman's total lack of control (40 BB and 39 K in 42 IP, IIRC) and Banuelos's surprisingly high walk numbers (5.1 BB/9), though in admittedly small samples, disqualify them for the moment.

12 Mr OK Jazz Tokyo   ~  Jun 9, 2011 6:15 pm

Thank Mo they signed R.Soriano for three years!!

13 monkeypants   ~  Jun 9, 2011 6:17 pm

[11] I'm surprised that Wordpress (or whatever platform this site uses now) doesn't have a built-in safeguard against that sort of thing. Wouldn't it be easy to have the program automatically reset the formatting after each comment (pardon the lack of technical jargon...I'm a humanities guy).

14 monkeypants   ~  Jun 9, 2011 6:18 pm

[12] Precisely. That 2013 bullpen promises to be killer.

15 Mr OK Jazz Tokyo   ~  Jun 9, 2011 6:25 pm

I'm going to miss the first hour or so of the game but would put good money down that CC nails Ortiz in the lower back. Enuff Z'nuff!

16 Just Fair   ~  Jun 9, 2011 6:27 pm

Meanwhile, Ian Kennedy is enjoying the desert. What a fucing disaster.

17 Just Fair   ~  Jun 9, 2011 6:29 pm

[16] Your spelling is fucing disaster! Oi!

18 rbj   ~  Jun 9, 2011 6:40 pm

Intermittent thunderstorms? So we get 3 innings of CC, then a cobbled together bullpen game?

19 RIYank   ~  Jun 9, 2011 6:40 pm

[11] Not "for the moment" -- we're talking about next year, right?

20 RIYank   ~  Jun 9, 2011 6:40 pm

How is the weather looking, by the way? Here we'll have intermittent downpours and violent electrical storms until midnight or so.

21 RIYank   ~  Jun 9, 2011 6:41 pm

[18] Oh, I should have read first.
Yeah, but it's Beckett for the other guys. Ah, our bullpen, I see what you mean.

22 monkeypants   ~  Jun 9, 2011 7:07 pm

It's1:00am here...i can't wait out a rain delay, so g'night all. But hey, at least they weren't losing by the time I logged onto mlb.tv. That was a nice change of pace.

23 Ken Arneson   ~  Jun 9, 2011 7:17 pm

[13] You know what, I think WordPress's default comment display function probably does automatically close the tags, but I used a different function in order to insert the bracket links like this [13] one. I may have to insert that tag-closing function into my altered code.

24 weeping for brunnhilde   ~  Jun 9, 2011 7:25 pm

Oh, no.

Fuck, fuck, fuck.


And fuck.


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