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Why I Oughta

I got people coming out the woodwork calling, e-mailing, and texting me, busting my goddamn balls about the Yankees. Pat Jordan’s on the horn three times a day, cackling like the true sadist that he is.

Hank Waddles called last night too, but to commiserate. He likened watching the Yankees to having a fight with your spouse. One of those bad fights where you try to remember back to when you weren’t fighting and things were easy and happy but can’t. Like when you’ve got the flu and can’t recall being well.

The Wife says to me, “Are you going to be like this all month?”

I say, “Every time they lose.”

What am I going to do with you? That’s what she’s thinking and she’s right.

There is good news, though, and it is this: The Yankees are in first place today.

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1 Sliced Bread   ~  Sep 5, 2012 10:18 am

yeah, I'm as grumpy as any Yankees fan, but the funny thing is, going into this season any of us would have signed up to be tied for first place at this point. They're pretty much where I expected them to be even before all of the injuries. We knew it was going to be a dogfight this year. It's that the peaks and valleys of the season have exceeded all expectations.

2 Greg G   ~  Sep 5, 2012 1:09 pm

The last 15 or so games that I have watched, the Yanks have lost.

I have so little free time lately, and to carve out enough time to tivo through a game is a luxury, and lately I have been really pissed.

Last night's game started so promisingly with Cano's dinger, and there was little to enjoy after aside from a few strikeouts from The Chief before the Rays mashed him. Aaaaargh!

At least the Giants can beat up on the Boys tonight and make me feel better. Big Blue fingers crossed.

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