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Sorry, Charlie

I see Jeremy Bonderman on the mound taking his warm up pitches before the game started last night, listen to the story of his long journey back to the majors, and felt for the guy. Then the other part of me, the devil on my shoulder, reminded me that I’d just have to sacrifice my sympathy for the evening and root for Bonderman to get his ass handed to him.

When Brett Gardner hit a lead-off double and Robinson Cano walked it sure looked as if that’s the way things were headed but Bonderman got out of jams in each of the first two innings, allowing just one run, which is the only run the Yanks scored all damned night.

Meanwhile, our man Hiroki had one bad inning, where he gave up a series of walks and base hits with two men out and the Mariners scored four times. It was all the runs they’d need as Bonderman and his bullpen kept the Yanks in check.

Final Score: Mariners 4, Yanks 1.

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