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Perish the Thought

What was it that Ms. Clavel used to say in the middle of the night? Something is not right. Well, that’s the feeling I had watching the game today–not that something wasn’t right, exactly, but that things were fragile, a 1-0 lead perishable. It was another hot summer day in the Bronx and the game proceeded uneventfully, except the two starting pitchers who were in good form. Oh, sure Robbie Cano made a wonderful fielding play but he’s so fluid he makes the remarkable look pedestrian.

The only exciting thing came in the middle innings when Manny Machado made one of those kinds of plays that makes you sit up and remember you aren’t sleeping.

A ground ball was hit to his right. He bent down to field it and the ball knocked off the heal of his glove. Still moving to his right, now in foul territory, he was able to pick up the ball on a bounce. He took another few steps before he could get rid of it, a side armed chuck that somehow zipped over to first base to get the runner–a disbelieving Luis Cruz–by a step. Not many men could make that play. Lucky for baseball fans–particularly those in Baltimore–Machado is here to stay.

The only other excitement came in the 9th and it was unfortunate for the Yanks. With 1 man out Nick Markakis almost hit a home run against Mariano Rivera. It went just foul down the right field line. He singled, anyhow, and then Mo left a flat cutter over the middle of the plate to Adam Jones who hit it over the wall in left field.

And that was that–enough to spoil a sweep, and another impressive outing by Hiroki Kuroda on soporific day at the park.


Final Score: Orioles 2, Yanks 1.

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1 Sliced Bread   ~  Jul 8, 2013 10:06 am

if I didn't see it, it didn't happen, so there's my helpful analysis for today.
doity, stinkin', good fer nuttin' boids.

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