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Michael, Plain and Tall


At first blush, Michael Pineda, crooked capped and floppy limbed, looks like a prehistoric squid was handed a baseball and pointed in the general direction of home plate. And then cattle-prodded. Watching him plow through the Red Sox for six innings, deftly cutting the ball this way and that, the precision within the spasm is evident.

Pineda’s physical dominance and emphatic delivery will make a lot of hitters uncomfortable before he even throws a pitch. And then if his pitches are like this, woo boy. He might just have to hit a mascot in the head now and then to remind those hitters what’s at stake.

David Phelps converted the rare seven-out save to nail down Pineda’s well-deserved 4-1 victory. There was talk of a short bullpen, but regardless, it was refreshing to see Girardi stick with Phelps.

A pair of lefties, Sabathia and Lester, line up for the Friday night special.

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1 Jon DeRosa   ~  Apr 10, 2014 9:38 pm

Also, RE: the substance on Pineda's hand, if the pitchers don't even get in trouble when they get caught in the Postseason, can we not have to faux outrage in April? ESPN headline blurts something about how it "distracts" from win.

2 Chris   ~  Apr 10, 2014 10:22 pm

Xander who?

3 RIYank   ~  Apr 11, 2014 6:06 am

Dennis Eckersley on the NESN postgame show said, "Yeah, I don't think that's an issue." So the four-letter sports networks are not on the same page with this one.

4 Jon DeRosa   ~  Apr 11, 2014 8:58 am

I flipped my shit about Kenny Rogers using pine tar in the playoffs in '06. It was like he acquired Sandy Koufax's curve ball for ALDS.

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