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A Hallmark Moment Of Sorts


Yeah, that happened.  A-gain. That moment that has happened more often than not lately, where defeat was snatched from the open arms of victory.  On Mother’s Day, too.  Oh, it’s fine if you’re a Brewers fan, you probably enjoyed a nice pick-me-up while enjoying the company or memory of your Mom on her special day (why are you watching a ball game on Mother’s Day by the way?), but if you’re a Yankee fan, it’s not as if C.C.’s injury wasn’t bad enough to make you realize that the season is in deep stink-stinkle unless the lineup reinserts Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig in some way, shape or form while Cash works his Pokemaster skills on the MLB scrap heap for some starting pitching help. You had to endure yet another bubble monster who actually played for the team for a minute last season do them in at the last minute, and all you can do is just stare and say, “Really?”  A-gain.  How old is this? Too old.

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