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Sundazed Soul


Almost warm. Late April 2014.

Beat of the Day


Never quit.

Beat of the Day



Opening Day Blues.

[Photo Via: This Isn’t Happiness]

Saturdazed Soul


Frankie And Johnny

[Picture by Petra Collins]

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Still crazy…

[Painting by Robert Henri]

Saturdazed Soul


Kinda warm today. Weird.

“Saginaw, Michigan”–Lefty Frizzell

[Photo Via: The Lively Morgue]

Saturdazed Soul


He wouldn’t do me wrong.

[Painting by Winslow Homer]

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“Nobody’s Lonesome For Me”–Hank

[Photo Credit: Jacqueline Zebraskiin]

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tumblr_mb6adbTkXx1rfzc1bo1_500 (1)

Papa Don’t Take No Mess.

[Photo Via: Neal Square]

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Beat of the Day


[Featured Image by Elizabeth Schreiber]

Beat of the Day

Feelin’ this today.

[Picture by Susan Hable]

Beat of the Day

Morning, Willie.

Beat of the Day

Good ol’ Jimmie.

Saturdazed Soul

“Lovesick Blues” Emmett Miller

[Photo Via: The Minimalisto]

Beat of the Day

Hey, sweet baby, don’t ya think maybe…

[Photo Via: Leaving Eden]

Saturdazed Soul

It’s always a good time for Hank.

Long Gone Lonesome Blues (Single Version)

[Photo Via: Lovely Derriere]

Beat of the Day


Gangsta Gangsta

Beat of the Day

Leave your Nine and home and bring your skills to the battle.

Beat of the Day


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