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Creepin’ (Score Bard Remix)

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With major apologies to Stevie Wonder, all the former denizens of Baseball Toaster and basically everyone on Planet Earth dealing firsthand with our pandemic, I nevertheless bring you a throwback to lighter times…

I can hear you sayin’
you’ll stay six feet away and
When will it be
That we can creep…
Back to our teams
On the beach we’re sittin’
Observing social distancin’
When will it be
We get to creep…
Back to our teams
Watch our teams…
When I’m sleep at night beybey
I contemplate some herd immunity
When you sleep at night beybey…
I wonder do I creep into your dreams
Or could it be I sleep alone cuz of quarantine…
Opening’s complicated,
Uh, uh, uh, ah-choo!!!
How players are compensated,
As you can see,
Still too soon to creep…
Back to our teams
Watch our teams…

Beat of the Day


Play that record you fool.

Picture by Egon.

Beat of the Day

Smart Money (1931) Directed by Alfred E. Green Shown: Edward G. Robinson


Beat of the Day


And now for something completely different.

Beat of the Day


Music for Tu Monday.

[Photo Credit: Rebecca Reeve via Kateoplis]

Beat of the Day


Strange Fruit.

[Picture by John Hyde Phillips, 1943]

Beat of the Day


Mash Out Posse.

Beat of the Day



[Photo Via: Memories: Lost and Found]

Saturdazed Soul


A little comedy for a Saturday:

King Tut

[Photo Via: It’s a Long Season]

Beat of the Day


Zippo Bang.

[Picture Via: MPD]

Beat of the Day


I found this record at a stoop sale, oh, 15 years ago. This song always makes me smile.


And you know why? Cause Lucky was five-and-a-half when he cut this track.

Saturdazd Soul


Naughty Rita–Fletcher, Beatles mash-up by Ill Chemist

[Photo Credit: Frank Horvat]

Beat of the Day


The Script she be flipped.

[Illustration by Sanderus ]

Beat of the Day


I remember walking into The Sound Library, a boutique record shop in the east village in the late Nineties and hearing something special. It was a short cut off a white label Lord Finesse promo. Rare. Finesse chopped-up and looped a famous Marvin Gaye record on an SP-1200. Man, it was cool. I eventually got a copy of the beat and when I passed it along to my pal Alan, he dumped it in Pro Tools and cleaned it up.

Years later, I got married and made a mix for The Wife. Little Miss Sunshine was and is one of her favorite movies so Alan and I cut up dialogue by Alan Arkin and fit it over the Finesse-Marvin Gaye beat.


And smile: it won’t mess up your hair.

Beat of the Day



[Photo Credit: Sanford Roth via MPD]

Beat of the Day

Oh, hear the word of the Lord! [Photo Credit: Mario Testino]

Beat of the Day


Beat of the Day

And now, for something completely different…

Weren’t expecting that…were you?

[Painting by Ger Eikendal]


Beat of the Day

Yip, yip, yeah.

[Image Via: This Isn’t Happiness]

Saturdazed Soul

Dance little sister, dance.

“Little Dancing Girl (1930 Originals)”– The Beau Hunks

“Little Dancing Girl”–The Beau Hunks

[Drawing by Ken Mat]

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