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Bomb Popped


Big Mike got bombed today and though the Yankee offense growled they couldn’t score enough to comeback.




It’s funny—Masahiro Tanaka hasn’t needed that TJ surgery after all. He’s been really solid, huh?

Nice win the Yanks last night and perhaps there’s more where that came from this afternoon.

Never mind the humidity:

Let’s Go Yank-ees!



Yanks are down in Tampa—at their very own house of horrors—for the weekend. Hey, at least it’s got air-conditioning.

Never mind the bloomin’ onions:

Let’s Go Yank-ees!

This Offense Is Lacking… Yep And The Offense Is Missing, Too

05497-732What is there to say? CC, showing obvious signs of being a real pitcher, was let down once again by the lineup (and some would say The Binder, which is steadily taking on more significant (if not welcome or tactful) connotation. Let’s not waste too much time on this: despite feasting on weak teams like any Yankee team should, they have a hard time (as usual of recent seasons) dealing with competitive teams.  Toronto may not necessarily be as competitive as they were last year, but they have more operative pieces than the Yanks do this season, and those came to use for the Jays today, enough for a 3-1 victory.  Meh.  This is what mediocre looks like. If the plan goes the way most hope, we won’t have to look at this for too long (as long as a a couple years is not too long for you).

Some news of note, Chad Jennings also reports that Slade Heathcott has again been released by the team. The popular, but oft-injured outfielder was removed from the 40-man so A-Rod could return from the 15-day DL, also noting that while the team had other options, they chose to release Heathcott.  Being that he’s currently on the DL, is this merely a procedural move in order to sign him to another deal as before, or has he basically run out of time? With Ben Gamel coming off the bench for the big team and a plethora of OF options, it’s hard to tell, but it’s not a good look.  (Update: looks like a big fat Nope) Also, catching über-prospect Gary Sanchez has a displaced thumb fracture on his throwing arm.  While this is a blow to SWB as he was very productive to this point, there is actual (if not exciting) organizational depth to cover his absence for the time being.  All this, plus Greg Bird gone for the season and now Sanchez in limbo, it’s been a very forgettable 2016 overall.  Yet .500 is within reach and at least… well, at least… I dunno, it’s not that cold anymore?

Rock Steady


The Go-Figure Yanks continued their winning ways last night blanking the Jays.

Do we dare ask for more? (Dare, Dare)

Never mind the warmth:

Let’s Go Yank-ees!

One At a Time


Dag, what do you know? The Yanks are out there on the west coast winning ballgames, y’all. I have to say I’m thrilled that C.C. pitched so well on Friday night. Sober, pitching well at home, man, it must have been a special moment for him.

In the meantime, the Yanks won again yesterday and have a shot at a sweep this afternoon.

Never mind the afternoon shadows:

Let’s Go Yank-ees!

Two-Lane Highway


I’m happy when Nathan Eovaldi does well. Happy for him, beyond the usual reasons I mean. The guy just seems to ride that fine line between clever and stupid and I always feel like he’s just going to implode, like Big Mike Pineda seems to be doing these days. And yet Eovaldi hangs in there, he tries. He’s got a big cumbersome body and he is soft-spoken—seemingly withdrawn—with the press. He’s like Bernie Williams as a big galoot pitcher from Texas. His stuff is amazing but he is not an amazing pitcher. It’s hard for him and he lacks that certain something that comes to other great pitchers so readily. He doesn’t trust himself. He’s not a killer. Yet.

But hope is the thing with a 99 mph heater and behind another solid outing from Eovaldi, with the usual showing from Three Times Dope (even though Miller gave up a dinger), the Yanks manage to get out of Arizona with a 4-2 win.

Break Up the Yanks


Carlos Beltran hit his 400th career home run and Dellin Betances worked out of a jam. Brian McCann went deep as well and Andrew Miller and Aroldis Chapman were tough as the Yanks won another game and another series—7-5 was the final. A 7-3 homestand against the Red Sox, Royals and White Sox ain’t nothing to sniff at.

Of course, the moment of the day came in Texas when a little guy slugged Jose Bautista right in the face. I caught some of the talking heads on ESPN and the MLB Network. They were all fired up, talking big and loud. Amazing what violence does to excite us, even when we say it’s uncivilized and not good for the game and all that reasonable stuff.

Winds Light to Variable


Kinda sorta overcast. And cooler today. Ah, spring.

More baseball as the Yanks look to win their third straight series (and against good teams too, no foolin’). Yesterday, their dynamic bullpen trio of Betances, Miller and Chapman (already dubbed, “No Run-DMC”), worked for the first time together and they were as good as advertised as the Yanks won, 2-1.

Never mind the showers:

Let’s Go Yank-ees!

Go Figure


Yanks go out and take 3 of 4 against the World Champs. Not bad.

It’s rainy and supposed to stay that way all weekend. A winning White Sox team is in town. Let’s see how many they get in.

Never mind the puddles:

Let’s Go Yank-ees!

Put the Needle to the Groove


Michael Pineda gets hit hard early then settles down. He takes his time between pitches, talking to himself, brushing things away with his hands. He looks like he’s dragging ass, like he’s lallygagging. I’m not sure it’s fair to say he’s actually lallygagging but something sure seems to get in his way. He couldn’t recover from an early pounding and the Yanks took it on the chin, 7-3.

They still have a shot to win the series. Let’s see what they’ve got for us tonightski.

Never mind the pollen:

Let’s Go Yank-ees!

Here and Now


I was on the subway today and I started to laugh when I thought about the Banter. I didn’t have time to post a recap of last night’s entertaining game and instead of being pissed or upset I just laughed about it. We’re worse than the old New York Times when you wouldn’t get the west coast box scores until three days later. Ha.

The Banter is like having a country house that you don’t go to so much anymore but you can’t get rid of it, it means too much. I’m just so busy elsewhere these days I don’t have the availability to maintain a steady posting schedule here. Don’t take it personally. It’s not you, it’s me.

That said, the reasons I’m not posting as much here are great—I’m busy and enjoying the hell out of my work. That doesn’t happen often so I’m appreciating that as much as I can.

Yanks back at it tonight, going for a third straight. Is that too much to ask?

Never mind the gorgeous weather!

Let’s Go Yank-ees!

Getting Over


Five solo home runs (McCann, Gardner, Hicks and Beltran, twice) were enough behind a strong, albeit brief, outing by Ivan Nova, to give the Yanks a 6-3 win. Aroldis Chapman made his season debut with “oohs” and “ahhs” coming from the crowd after seeing each pitch hit 99, 100, 101 mph. He gave up a run, struck some guys out, and his season is underway.

The Long and Short of It

bags fire escape

See now, and here I thought Ortiz was going to hit two homers on Saturday. He was saving it for Mother’s Day instead. Fair enough. I just expect him to hit a home run every game he’s got left against the Yanks and when he’s 58 years old he’ll come out of retirement to hit a pinch-hit homer against them, too.

Yanks couldn’t do much against a dancing knuckler and lost, 5-1.

Chapman returns just in time for the World Champs. It’s ridiculously lovely here in New York today.

Happy Monday.

Made in the Shade


So go figure, Eovaldi was great, David Price wasn’t and the Yanks cruised to an 8-2 win. How nice. Not as nice as Bartolo Colon hitting a home run, maybe, but we’ll take it.

They’ll play against tonight.

In the meantime, Happy Mother’s Day everyone.

Yanks Serve David Ortiz Crybaby Souffle


This season might be skimpy on highlights come October but we can count the last ten minutes of Friday night’s game as one of them.

Here’s the scene: Yanks clinging to a 3-2 lead in the 9th, David Ortiz at the plate (of course), facing Andrew Miller with one out. Miller falls behind 3-1 and his next pitch, a breaking ball, fooled catcher Brian McCann but it was called a strike anyway (and looked like one, too). Ortiz yelled, stepped out the box and carried on like a bawling baby. His manager quickly came to his rescue and got thrown out. Then Ortiz looked at a called strike three, went back to the dugout before he charged back out. He too was tossed. I half-expected Jimmy Hart or Classy Freddie Blassie to climb out with him.

Far as I’m concerned it didn’t matter if Hanley Ramirez won the game. Seeing Ortiz take himself out of a critical at-bat because a call didn’t go his way was worth it. Now, he’ll make the Hall of Fame maybe one day and he’s a great hitter. But the guy seems to constantly get a pass for his tantrums. In the Globe this morning, Nick Carfare said “Ortiz will never be accused of mailing it in.” If this were A Rod it would be about how he acted unprofessionally and like an amateur and is a horrible, selfish teammate.

Naturally, he’s going to hit about 8 more homers against the Yanks this season, but hell, it was worth it.

Ramirez whiffed and Michael Kay embarrassed himself by calling the final strike like it was Game 7 of the ALCS. That, if anything, was a true indicator of just how bad this team is and how long this season will be. But it helped capped an entertaining couple of minutes.

Putting in Work


No, you heard right. The Yanks won. Handily. Cause it happens. Maybe you should want a refund. After all, winning is not what you expected. But you’ll have to take it and like it. (Best part was seeing C.C. pitch so well.)

They might g’head and win another one tonight. I mean, ya never know, am I right?

Never mind the prosperity:

Let’s Go Yank-ees!

Whadda Ya Hear, Whadda Ya Say?


Here at Bronx Banter we’re not so much on top of the news these days. Due to my work schedule posting is down considerably—and just as the Yanks head into their losing seasons, so like a Yankee fan, right? Anyhow, I’m resigned to this being a losing season so I don’t feel any urgency in letting you know what you already know—the Yanks lost again last night. Course, they’ll be at it again tonight and we will be rooting. Cause that’s what we do no matter how cruddy the squad is.

Never mind bitchin’:

Let’s Go Yank-ees!

Why So Glum?


The Yanks ain’t no suckers. Hell, they scored a mess o runs last night, man. But they are a bad team and bad teams find ways to not win, you know what I mean? Alex Rodriguez and co. roughed-up David Price but Nathan Eovaldi, sans splitty, matched Price is suckiness. Then our boy Betances gave up the go-ahead homer in the bottom of the seventh. Not likely to see that too often, blowing a couple of games in a series, but it happened to Mo so it can happen to Betances.

Drag. Final Score: Red Sox 8, Yanks 7.

Well, At Least A Rod Got Three Hits

alice and ralph

Yeah, didn’t figure that’d work either. And it’s a shame because C.C. pitched a lovely game, he really did. But when you don’t score runs it is tough to win games. Know what I mean, Vern?

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