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I Don’t Feel Tardy


The Yanks get no style point credits for Wednesday afternoon’s win against the Sox. The Bombers had a big lead but the mop-up crew got shelled forcing Betances and Miller into the game. Miller got hit in the back of the leg with a line drive and we all gasped but he is okay and the  Yanks finally came away with an untidy  13-8 win.

Hey, some games are more painful than others. They ain’t all going to be efficient or smooth.

Never mind the teeth-gnashing, we’ll take it.

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Breaks of the Game


The Yanks got the breaks last night and survived a 13-strikeout performance from Rick Procello. Big Mike was all right, the bullpen was strong, Stephen Drew had a big hit, and Brett Gardner’s solo home run helped them to a 3-1 win over the Sox at Fenway Park.

Course the Blue Jays won again–this time in extra innings. More lousy news about Mark Teixeira, too.

Having fun?

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Don’t Drink the Milk


Why? It’s spoiled. 

You know when someone–let’s say, my wife–takes out a container from the fridge, looks at it suspiciously, opens it and then pushes it in your direction and says, “Smell, this. Is this still good?”

That’s last night’s game. The Red Sox practically rolled out the red carpet for the Yanks to beat them and yet it did not happen. Didi Gregorious hit a deep fly ball to the warning track with the bases loaded for the final out and the Yanks wasted a chance to gain a game on the Jays.

The ball looked like it had a shot and the sinking feeling that ensued was as agreeable as  your wife asking you to smell a container of leftovers.

Fuck this fucking game.


Run Harvest


I guess that’s the thing–even when Eovaldi’s disappointing he doesn’t get bombed. He wasn’t all that great today. Staked to a plump lead he couldn’t get an out in the sixth inning, and once again, his outing wasn’t nearly long enough. The good news is that it didn’t matter as the Bombers scored a week’s full of runs for him–as they’re wont to do–battering Atlanta, 20-6. Even Stephen Drew had a big game and is now over the Mendoza line.

Hey Now.

A sweep is just what the Yanks needed, especially considering the Jays ain’t slowing down for nuthin’.

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A man died at the ballpark last night. It happened when Alex Rodriguez was announced as a pinch-hitter in the 7th inning, Yanks ahead, 2-0.

The man–not yet identified–was said to be in his 60s. He fell from the upper deck and landed on the seats below. The announcers caught it and there was a brief shot of were the fan landed. My wife, who works in an hospital ER saw it before I did–”They’re doing CPR,” she said.

The Yanks won the game, 3-1, but it didn’t seem to matter much.

Painting by David Park.

Gettin’ Right


Life was good from the get go last night as the Yanks scored 9 times in the first 2 innings on their way to a 15-4 win over the hapless Braves. I love Tanaka. Even when he doesn’t have his best stuff, he’s tough, he competes.

Sure am happy for Didi and McCann, too. Maybe the road is good for this act.

Let’s hope there’s more of the same tonight. Maybe lil’ Luis Severino pitches his best game yet. Imagine that.

Never mind the Crunk:

Let’s Go Yank-ees!

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Hit the Bricks, Pal, and Beat It


These be the dog days. The Yanks are flat horseshit right now. They limp out of town on a down note after losing again, this time 6-2.

They’ve got a day off and then a weekend series in Atlanta, followed by a three-game set against the Sox in Boston. After that, they return home to face the Rays, O’s and then a big 4-game series vs. the Jays.

If you’ve got something sunny to offer, I’m all ears–well, almost all anyway.

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Good News, Bad News


The good news is that Brendan Ryan pitched 2 scoreless innings last night. The bad news is that he was the Yankees’ best pitcher.

Our boys got stomped, 15-1.

Make matters worse, the Rangers spit the bit in the 9th inning and the Jays came back and beat them.

Yanks a full game out of first.

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One @#$%ing Run

captain-eo-starring-michael-jackson-00Yeah, that’s about the size of it; Yanks have been playing a lot of games this season where they win or lose by (or annoyingly only scoring) one run. Not surprisingly, this was shaping up to be one of those shit-end-of-the-stick one run games; low scoring and other pitcher is lights out. Surprisingly, the team usually scores a lot of runs for The Composer (yunnow, Eovaldi, Vivaldi, ahh nervermind) , surprisingly his gem did not go to waste as Girardi and the batters themselves have a habit of pissing away these kind of efforts with “plays” or notebook strategies or just plain bad at-bats, but no.

Somehow, they managed to get on the good side of karma as the last inning saw them load the bases with none out and Beltran, known more for blown opportunities without even moving rather than good luck, managed to sky the ball enough to let Happy Nutheryearonearth boy Brett Gardner dash in with the winning @#$%ing run in the bottom of the night. Surprise, surprise, Yanks did not lose in extra innings (another annoying habit of late) and beat a surprisingly (if you are playing the Drinking Game with the word surprise, you are a lush) beating-the-league-like-they-owe-you-money Astros club by the score of @#$%ing 1-0.

It’s not that I hate low scoring games. It’s just that I hate having to go to bed in the middle of one with a summer cold and then wake up and write this before an early call. Oh well, enjoy your day and remember: @#$%!

More Like It


The Yanks won on Saturday afternoon cause they wuz a-supposed to win. And that made us happy.

First big league victory for Luis Severino who was impressive because he didn’t have his best stuff.

Let’s see what CC’s got today.

Another breather for Alex

Jacoby Ellsbury CF
Brett Gardner LF
Carlos Beltran RF
Brian McCann DH
Greg Bird 1B
Chase Headley 3B
Didi Gregorius SS
Stephen Drew 2B
John Ryan Murphy C

Never mind the haze:

Let’s Go Yank-ees!

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Carlos Carrasco out-pitched Masahiro Tanaka but there the Yanks were, down by a run, 3-2, in the bottom of the 8th inning, bases loaded. Stephen Drew hit the ball hard but directly at left fielder Michael Brantley. That was your ballgame as the Indians scored 4 runs in the top of the 9th and beat the Yankees again–4 in 5 games this year. This time it was 7-3.

We don’t have to like it, but that’s baseball, Suzyn.

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Too Short


Long night for the Yankee offense. They had to deal with Josh Tomlin, Cleveland’s thin-lipped starter who bears a slight resemblance to a young Gary Oldman. Tomlin threw darts, mixed pitches, changed speeds and rocked the Yanks--and the rest of us–to bed. The Yanks kept crushing pitches but they’d go foul because Tomlin placed them just so. The Bombers hit some balls hard in fair territory too but they were either directly at fielders or Cleveland’s men were making nice plays to turn those balls into outs.

A home plate umpire with a horeshit strike zone didn’t help. But he’s not to blame. Tomlin was.

As Crash Davis once said, “Fuck this fucking game.”

But in the 9th inning, there the Yanks were–down 3-2 with men on second and third, 2 out for Didi Gregorious. He hit a harmless fly ball to left field to end the game but the Yanks had their chance right there. Close but no.

They’ll get them tonight, Carrasco or no Carrasco.

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What? I wasn’t going to mention Bird in the title?

The kid hit a pair of 2-run home runs  yesterday to boost the Yanks. Even better was Nathan Eovaldi. Guy’s stuff is so good–he threw 4 pitches yesterday at 101–it’s easy to be critical of him. He was perfect through 5, faltered in the 6th, and then showed some guts but coming back out and pitching a clean 7th. Shreve held the Twins down in the 8th and Betances put heads to bed to close it out.

It’s clear what the Yankees saw in Eovaldi and while he is not a finished product he’s improved, don’t you think?

Final Score: Yanks 4, Twins 3.

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Remember Me? Benny Blanco from the Bronx


Excuse me for losing faith but when Alex Rodriguez came to the plate with the bases loaded in the bottom of the 7th inning last night, I didn’t think he’d strike out or pop out, I thought he’d hit into a double play. Rodriguez is in a slump and was 1-27 going into the at-bat. Never mind the lack of hits, the swings haven’t been that good the past week. I wasn’t trying to reverse jinx him by anticipating the double play, I just didn’t have confidence he’d put a good swing on the ball. Well, shows what I know. After taking a cutter outside for a ball, Rodriguez put a fine swing on a fastball, low–but not low enough–and outside–but not outside far enough–and hit a grand slam. Nobody in big league history has hit more of them than Rodriguez.

The Yanks had been trailing 4-1. Now, they had a lead. They scored 3 more times in the 8th and beat the Twins, 8-4.

They’re all important wins and this was no exception. Looked like they were done after CC Sabathia fell apart in the 7th inning. Seems as if the Big Guy hits a wall later in games and can’t recover. But the late comeback gave us another reason to appreciate these 2015 Yankees who have given us a good deal of pleasure so far.

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Fright Night


Last night’s game was long and strange and it took awhile to shake off the disquieting feeling that settled shortly after Bryan Mitchell was struck in the face with a line drive in the second inning. Turns out he’s okay–and we can only hope the same is true for Mark Teixeira who left the game not long after he fouled a ball off his knee–but the image of him being hit was hard to shake.

Wait, they still had to play the game?

It was a slog and the Yankees trailed several times. Big hits from Brian McCann and Carlos Beltran kept them in it, and they won it in the 10th on an error by our old chum, Eduardo Nunez. Go figure.

Final Score: Yankees 8, Twins 7.

Get the papers, get the papers.


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T Time


As in “Tanaka” who pitched a complete game on Saturday afternoon in Toronto as the Yanks beat the Jays, 4-1.

He was in control all game with the exception of the 5th inning. The Yanks had a 1-0 lead when a base hit and a couple of walks loaded the bases for Josh Donaldson. Game of inches? You bet. Because Donaldson just missed hitting a grand slam–he got under a 2-0 pitch. Instead of a fat 4-0 lead, his fly ball out to left was good to score a run, but then Tanaka struck out Jose Bautista and retired Edwin Encarnacion on a soft line drive to second base.

Yanks tacked on a few runs–including a long dinger by Mark Teixeira–and the win ensures they’ll leave town in first place no matter what happens today.

We’ll take it. Yes, we will.

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First Things First


The Yankees got on base against David Price on Friday night but could not plate a run off the man. Meanwhile, Ivan Nova had one inning that went screwy on him, but otherwise out-pitched his counterpart. Still, as the 8th inning began, the Yanks trailed 3-0. A very loud Toronto crowd enjoyed themselves and why shouldn’t not?

A run-scoring double to the gap by Chase Headley finally got Price out of there and then Carlos Beltran pinch-hit for Chris Young with runners on second and third, one out. Aaron Sanchez, 15 years Beltran’s junior replaced Price. The first two pitches he threw were clocked at 97 mph–high and out of the zone. Still, Beltran swung, waving at them both. Sanchez threw another high fastball, this one too high and too inside and then came back with yet another heater. This one was 97 mph too but it wasn’t out of the strike zone, it was right over the plate. And Beltran did not miss it.

His 3-run homer put the Yanks ahead by a run. Delin Betances, who threw a lot of pitches and didn’t look wonderful on Thursday in Cleveland, came on to pitch the 8th and was blazing–killer fastball, nasty breaking ball.

His partner Andrew Miller pitched the 9th and goddamn it was an adventure. With one man out, he walked Chris Colabello and then gave up a hard-hit single to Kevin Pillar. A wild pitch greeted Ben Revere putting the tying run at third and the winning run at second.

Miller composed himself and struck Revere out like he was supposed to but then had to contend with Troy Tulowitski. And you had to figure it could go either way. Seemed like everybody in the park was standing and when a team is on a wining streak like the Jays have been, well, I figured he’d get a base hit and win the game. I muted the TV and watched in silence, pacing back-and-forth in my living room.

The at-bat had plenty drama. The count went full, of course, all three balls came on fastballs that were outside. The rest were sliders, fast ones, slower ones, backdoor, inside and low, and Tulowitski kept fouling them off, one after the other. On the 12th pitch of the at bat he foul tipped a slider, bearing in on him but up. Brian McCann held onto the ball and the Yanks had the game.

A thriller goes the Yanks. Hot damn.

Final Score: Yanks 4, Jays 3.

Today, they’re back at it and the Jays can leapfrog right back into first.

Let’s hope for more good things.

Never mind the Toronto Turf:

Let’s Go Yank-ees!

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Stop Me If You’ve Heard This One Before


There is good news. The good news is that the Yankees are pitching well. Sure, the starters aren’t going deep enough into games, and yes, the bullpen is taxed, but as a whole, they are performing well. CC Sabathia wasn’t terrific last night, giving up 9 hits, but he bulled his way through 6 innings allowing only a couple of runs.

It’s just that nobody is hitting. Four lousy hits all night. Rallies left limp and for dead in the 8th and 9th. I could recount these failures by why bother? If you didn’t see it live, you’ve seen something like it before, enough to know you don’t need to know more. Less you are a some kind of masochist or something.

2-1 was the final and that’s how it unfolds when you’re in a slump.

Oh, the Jays won again, and now they are in first place.

Game on, fellas. Something tells me good t hings are right around the corner.

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Sometimes I Wonder What I’m a Gonna Do


‘Cause there ain’t no cure for the summertime blues.

The Yanks’ offense looked dead in the water again last night. Never mind a slump, they were up against a formidable pitcher in Carlos Carrasco. But solo home runs by Stephen Drew and Carlos Beltran tied the score and the top of the 10th inning, pinch-hitter Chase Headley dropped an RBI single in front of the right fielder, the Yanks scored a couple, and it was Miller Time. Ah, Miller time.

Hell of a spot to blow your first game of the season. Miller wasn’t awful, the Indians hit a couple of good pitches. Still, by the end of the inning, the score was tied. And that’s how it remained through good relief pitching–or weak hitting–on both sides. On and on.

The Indians finally scored the winning run in the bottom of the 16th and those of us who stayed up for it are now feeling less than spry.

And so it goes during a slump–hard hit balls go for outs, the other guys’ bloopers fall in for hits.

Course the Jays won, too.

Shake it off. Today is…well, it’s already today. Onward!

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