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It Ain’t Over ’til it’s—Hey: It’s Over


Cards look to stay alive and force a Game 7.

I say the Sox end it tonight.

Never mind the bollocks:

Let’s Go Cards!

Almost Done


Another tough loss for the Cards last night. Then again, aren’t they all tough this time of year? They are up against the wall now and I doubt they’ll win the damn thing which is a drag.

I saw this picture and thought I’d share it. It doesn’t mean anything. I just found it pleasing.


[Photo Credit: Anthony Delgado via MPD]

Fear and Loathing in St. Louis


This is the fear and loathing Whirled Serious for Yankee fans.

Gotta figure the Cards need to win tonight, right? They go back to Boston down 3-2 they are going to need a whole lot of Buckner on their side to pull this shit out.

I got no call on the game tonight–but I’m not feeling especially optimistic. Just hoping the Cards find a way.

Never mind the nerves: Let’s Go Red Boids!

[Photo Via: MPD]

Home in the Heartland


Game Three, St. Louie. Says here the Sox take this one.

Hoping I’m wrong.

Never mind nuthin’:

Let’s Go Cards!

[Photo Via: Ghost in the Machine]

Road Dogs

red 001

Cards look to leave Boston with the Serious tied one-game apiece. The Sox look to continue their postseason run of undisturbed good fortune.

Wacha vs. Lackey.

Never mind those shaggy bastards:

Let’s Go Cards!

Take 2


Well, Game 1 was revolting now, wasn’t it? Cards win tonight and they’ll have taken care of business. But they were shook last night and dammit if this whole postseason doesn’t have a bad vibe about it.

[Photo Via: Gu Photography]


Seeing Red

Mark Rothko (6)

Sox vs. Cards. Nothing to do but root for St. Louis.

Never mind the bitterness:

Let’s Go Card-‘nals!


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