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Hall Yes

Barry Larkin was elected to the Hall of Fame today.

Larkin 86%, Morris 67%, Bagwell 56%, Smith 51%, Raines 49%, Trammell & Edgar 37%, McGriff 24%, Walker 23%, McGwire 20%…Bernie 10%.

[Photo Credit: Ronald C. Modra/SI]

Larkin Jeter Overdrive

Over at Baseball Prospectus, John Perrotto discusses his Hall of Fame Ballot.  Here is his comment on Barry Larkin:

Barry Larkin—Put it this way: If Derek Jeter had range, he’d be Barry Larkin. That’s not a knock on Jeter, just how little Larkin was appreciated because he played away from the spotlight with the Reds during his entire 19-year career. He won nine Silver Sluggers, three Gold Gloves, and had a .371 OBP.

We are all keenly aware of the myopic view of Jeter . . . the “winner” . . . the “heart and soul” of the Yanks recent run of excellence . . . the “nice guy”.  We are also aware of Jeter’s warts . . . the DP machine at the plate . . . the lack of range.

So, let’s play a little “what if” game . . . you are the GM of an expansion club, and you can have either Larkin or Jeter‘s entire career exactly as it has played out.  Which one do you take?

(image: Baseball Almanac)
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