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Fulfillingness’ First Finale


Head on over to Rolling Stone and check out Brian Hiatt’s excellent look at Bowie’s final years. 

[Photo Via: Cos]

Funk to Funky


David Bowie was the first singer I was ever mad for. This was during his Serious Moonlight Tour. Man, I’ll never forget my grandfather agreeing to take my younger brother and me to see Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence and then wanting to leave in the middle (we stayed).

Bowie died yesterday. A sad moment but also a wonderful one–let’s celebrate, shall we?

[Photo Credit: Denis O’Regan]

Beat of the Day


[Photo Via]

Put the Needle to the Groove


Great rock n roll pictures found here.


Beat of the Day


Bowie Friday:

[Image by Aaron Savage]

Beat of the Day


Poor little Genie…

[Picture via: Ghost in the Machine]

Beat of the Day


[Illustration by Antonio Caparo]

Beat of the Day

Put another log on the fire for me…

[Illustration via Papercut Magazine]

Pop Rocks

Via Laughing Squid, pop this.

[Picture by Craig Drake]

Beat of the Day

All the nightmares came today/And it looks as though they’re here to stay…

[“Learning to Fly,” by carlybartel]

Just For One Day

More fun from How to Be a Retronaut.

Beat of the Day

Bowie Friday.

Beat of the Day

Bowie Friday:

Beat of the Day

Bowie Friday…

Beat of the Day

Bowie Friday:

Beat of the Day Redux

Bowie Friday for Diane…

Beat of the Day

Beat of the Day

One of my early adolescent idols…

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