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Beat of the Day


Dropped: Twenty five years ago today…

[Photo Credit: NYC Nostalgia]

Beat of the Day

So enchanting.

“Please Listen To My Demo”–EPMD



[Photo Via: Magnificent Ruin]

Beat of the Day

My grandma and your grandma…

I mean…

No, I mean:

Wait, I’m sayin’…

[Drawing by Daniel Stolle]

Beat of the Day

One of my favorites from Eric and Parrish:

[Photo Via: Music From the Pit]

Beat of the Day

Favorite rap group in the world is EPMD.

Hardcore but not rough enough to bleep it.

Beat of the Day

Picking up on yesterday’s tune by Joe Cocker, let’s do it right:

And since we’re dippin’ into the K-Solo, here he is with Red flippin’ the old Just Ice beat. Time to get your ass to the gym and work it out to this banger:

Beat of the Day

Triple Decker Fun:



Equals, Such:

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--Earl Weaver