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Sundazed Soul

Cool sounds on a hot day.

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Beat of the Day

Darkness Visible.

[Photo Credit: Jimmay Bones]

Beat of the Day

More George.

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Beat of the Day

Over at Salon, Matt Zoller Seitz reviews the George documentary (part one airs tonight on HBO).

Beat of the Day

Scorsese’s George documentary airs on HBO this Wednesday and Thursday.

New York Minute

In the elevator this morning with my neighbor, Bee. She’s a nurse and we sometimes meet on our way to work. She is a zaftig Puerto Rican with a big smile. Got an easy laugh. Bee’s also a huge movie fan so I mention the upcoming George Harrison documentary by Martin Scorsese.

“Oh, I love Rock n Roll,” Bee said. “I was one of the only Latina’s that did back then. You don’t believe me? Inagaddadavida, baby!”

Beat of the Day


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