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I Can See Clearly

This is one of my favorite weeks in New York, the last week of summer. The town is quiet, but this morning it was especially still. It was also cool too, a distinct hint of autumn in the air. It was a relief to hear the chugging sounds of the subway. Back in business.

[Photo Credit: Herve Bertrand]

Morning Art

Taken by my uncle, on vacation in Barcelona.

New York Minute

Man, it’s hot today. The kind of day you want to escape from New York and find a place to swim. Or just hit an air conditioned movie theater and hang out all day.

It was already steamy early this morning on the way to work.  When I got off the subway I held the door open for a family running to get on. They were tourists. The husband was the last one on and he thanked me. I think he was Spanish which made me think of my uncle in Belgium who has been in Spain on his vacation for the past few weeks.

Dude sent me this picture.

Now, that’s what I’m talkin’ bout.

Oooo La La

Riding on the Metro…Picture taken outside of Brussels by my uncle with his iPhone.

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