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Taster’s Cherce

The wife and I had dinner at our friend’s place the other night. Watched the Olympics and ordered in from a terrific Indian restaurant. We were stuffed and forgot to eat dessert. Okay, I didn’t forget, I showed some discipline in not asking for an ice cream sandwich. Our friends are the only people we know who stock ice cream sandwiches in their freezer. On the regular as they say.

I think they buy White Rose or some other budget brand. Doesn’t matter to me cause an ice cream sandwich is an ice cream sandwich and I ain’t picky.

But over at Serious Eats, here’s a taste test of ice cream sandwiches for you to check out.

Taster’s Cherce

Oh, heck yeah.

From savory…

to sweetness.

Smitten Kitchen rocks.

Taster's Cherce

Serious Eats gives us New York’s top ten ice cream sandwiches.


Oh, hell yes.

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