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New York Minute

Yesterday evening it poured in midtown.

Today is beautiful.

Here’s the fellas laying out pavement this morning in the Bronx.

New York Minute

It’s dark and wet in New York this morning. The Yankees’ season is over but we’ve still got the city. And we’ve got each other for good company. It’ll be a long winter but a good one.

[Photo Credit: Mr. Freakz via This Isn’t Happiness]

New York Minute

On a rainy day like today, best move is to stick close to the buildings and stay away from the outer part of the sidewalk. You can find some shelter close to the building, although you have to be mindful of the water pouring off of the awnings. Also, the further away from the street, the safer you are from a car splashing you.

Especially when you don’t wear your galoshes, right?

[Photo Credit: Chrisozer via This Isn’t Happiness]

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