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New York Minute


You know it’s bad when cars in midtown are sliding all over the place, or just getting stuck. But that’s how it is today in Manhattan. It ain’t pretty.

More snow due this weekend.

Which all just sets us up for a beautiful spring!

[Photo Credit: Robert Sabo/N.Y. Daily News]

New York Minute

I see this guy selling papers every day when I come out of the subway on my way to the office. We nod our heads and smile hello, though he doesn’t always smile. I bought a paper from him only once–when the President was re-elected–and he seemed so happy that ever since he makes more of an effort to smile back.

It’s snowing in New York this morning and here he is, undeterred,  doing his job. Hard-workin’, money-earnin.

New York Minute

Always nice, with the potential for some magic, when Manhattan slows down during a snow storm. Course today it’s raining and the snow is all but a memory here in midtown.

[Photo Credit: Eye Heart New York]

New York Minute

Snow! Holy Cow, gettothestoregetfoodhurryhurry. Do you think we’ll make it?

Eh, it’s iffy. In the meantime, I saw this picture over at the always great site, Kottke. Like the shot, especially because it was taken in father’s old neighborhood.

To Build a Fire

Nah, it’s not snowing today–though we’re expecting more of the white stuff this week–but we’ve hit a dead-spot in Yankee news. Okay, this has been a slow winter all around.

Still, Chad Jennings offers a few tidbits, Steve Lombardi looks at the Yankees’ first round draft picks since 1990, Larry Koestler takes on some 2011 projections, and our man William writes about the passing of former-Yankee Ryne Duren

How many days left ’til pitchers and catchers?

[Photo by Navid Baraty]

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