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New York Minute


Man, it’s lovely out there, today. Positively springish.

New York Minute


It’s spring again.

Picture by Bags. 

New York Minute


Taking in the spring at Bryant Park.

New York Minute

Matthew Gallaway greets the spring hullo.

New York Minute

The green on the trees, that green is popping; the flowers, even those you see planted on the street, are vibrant.

The city feels so cheerful, hopeful, this time of year.

Enter Light

I first noticed it a few days ago coming out of the subway station on 103rd street. The light. Then a few more times this week, including various times this morning. The light. It’s changing. Spring is coming. We know that, of course. Every day, the papers have stories from Florida. Pitchers and catchers report to Yankee camp in three days.

It is still cold in New York and we’ll still have to endure plenty of lousy weather. Bring it on. You can’t stop the light.

I’ll tell you this–when it does warm up, this town is going to blossom like nobody’s business. Man, it’s gunna be a good spring.

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