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Brace yourself, Jack Curry had a startling scoop in today’s Times: George gets the final word. The Boss always has last licks when it comes to newspaper controversy, and he threw the press a couple of bones in regards to the tiresome Jeter flap. As he ducked into an elevator yesterday, the Boss opined:

“I am the way I am,” Steinbrenner said soon after the doors to the elevator closed. “I got my message through. If I’m paying a guy $16 million, I want him to listen.”

Classic George. Give ’em a tidbit, and leave ’em wanting more.

Steinbrenner reiterated himself this afternoon:

“I was trying to get him completely focused,” the New York Yankees’ principal owner said Thursday. “I said I need that for this year. For us to prevail, we need him completely focused. He’s that important to the team.”

…”I think (manager) Joe Torre will get that across to him. I think (Jeter’s) going to be fine. He always gives 100 percent. But I need 110 percent.”

As far as Jeter is concerned, the story is dead.

“It’s done from my point of view,” Jeter said Thursday. “When something is over in my mind, it’s done.

Of course, we all know: It ain’t over ’til the Fatman says it’s over.

The Boss wouldn’t have it any other way.

(Oy fuggin Vey.)

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