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The Awful Truth

So far, it seems as if there is nothing affordable about the new Yankee Stadium. Juan Gonzalez has the latest in the Daily News.

In 2008, Hank Steinbrenner emerged as new voice of the Yankees. He’s good for a quote, though he’s got some big shoes to fill. Speaking of Old Lions, dig this quote from Darryl F Zanuck, “The Last Movie Tycoon:”

“We had a great preview up to the last ten minutes. Then the bottom dropped out. It ended on a laugh and it was no comedy. The preview cards were average, mostly marked fair, but gave us no clues to the ending. (God, how I hate audiences.) Suddenly, that non-existent, invisible bug whispered in my ear, as it had done all my life. I had the answer. I started to talk. Before I was half through the first sentence, the director Michael Curtiz yelled ‘Wonderful! Darryl! Yes! Yes!’

“I glared at him and said, ‘For Christ’s sake don’t say yes until I finish talking!'”

From Don’t Say Yes Until I Finish Talking by Mel Gussow

Sir, yessir!

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"This ain't football. We do this every day."
--Earl Weaver