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Taster's Cherce

Best Pizza is reviewed in the Times:

Most garlic knots let you down. After one or two salty, satisfying bites, you’re left to chew on the increasingly impenetrable thing like a masticating cow. It’s a snack food for suckers and optimists, anybody with a Charlie Brown-like faith that maybe Lucy Van Pelt won’t pull away the football, that this time it might be great.

The garlic knots ($3 for six) at Best Pizza in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, deliver on that hope. Baked in a century-old brick oven, they arrive charred on top and creamy inside, more gougère than repurposed crust. There are no tricks, just good technique: dough that rises all day; a drizzle of garlic oil after the knots come out of the oven; a dusting of shaved pecorino; chopped parsley, because that’s what you do. The knots are served on a flimsy paper plate with pickled vegetables (fennel, mostly) because Best Pizza is a slice joint, where $3 will feed you, and $15 will pay for a feast.

The good–it looks damn tasty, the bad, it’s in Williamsburg. But if you happen to find yourself in Hipster Dufus Heaven, looks like it is worth checking out.

[Photo Credit: Brooklyn 365]


1 Dimelo   ~  Mar 10, 2011 1:27 pm

"Hipster Dufus Heaven" ---- agreed!

2 vockins   ~  Mar 10, 2011 2:57 pm

Re: Williamsburg

Never got the hate, especially from people that make food and music a priority in their lives. This is copied and pasted from a friend of mine. what he says about music surely applies to restaurants...

"I'm glad the whole "brooklyn" thing exists. I get to see great shows in fun spaces run by people who are passionate about it and take care of both the bands and the fans. I think that makes me very lucky.

Are there assholes? Sure. You're gonna get that anywhere. But you know what? This is where my family is. If I act like an asshole, phones will ring. These folks can put on shows and do what they feel, fully and completely, with like-minded people in their tow and the only repercussions will be on themselves. Bully for them.

And...I'M welcome at the great gigs that THEY put together.

Thank you, blow ins. There's still plenty of room here."

So you walk down Bedford Ave and there dudes with moustaches and rainbow socks - man, who gives a shit.

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