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Looking through some old papers last night I was reminded that yesterday was the anniversary of the first concert I ever saw. December 27, 1983. The Kinks, at Roseland Ballroom. Cyndi Lauper, opening act.

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1 lriley   ~  Dec 29, 2011 8:05 pm

I was at the Dec 29th show with a blind date (my future wife).
I remember more about Cyndi Lauper than the Kinks.
I had heard Cyndi's "Girls just want to have fun" a few times on teh radio.
Cyndi came out to a very loud Kinks crowd that didn't want to hear her sing, they booed and yelled the entire time.
A guy spit at her and she artfully avoided it and grabbed the microphone and said "Save it for the bedroom hunney".
You could hear a gasp and the room went quiet.
Cyndi continued the concert despite the reaction she got from the Kinks fans.
Later the show's producer (Ron Delsner?) came out and berated the crowd saying how upset he was about the treatment of Cyndi by the crowd. I think I remember one of the Kinks looking upset standing with him.
The Kinks put on a great show and It was a great night for me meeting my future bride.
We walked out of Roseland and I mentioned how much I liked Cyndi and did not get anyone else to agree.
That summer on every date a car would drive by with a Cyndi Lauper song playing.
We had "girls just want to have fun" as our second song at our wedding.

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