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Working My Way Back to You

Couple of stories on Joba Chamberlain:

Harvey Araton in the Times.

Daniel Barbaris in the Wall Street Journal.

[Photo Credit: N.Y. Post]

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1 OldYanksFan   ~  Jul 3, 2012 10:53 am

Joba the Amazing!
Joba Rules!

2 RagingTartabull   ~  Jul 3, 2012 11:46 am

if you're not rooting for this guy, well then I don't wanna know from you

3 Hank Waddles   ~  Jul 3, 2012 12:53 pm

Joba is clearly a victim -- a victim of the Hype Machine, a victim of the Yankees' indecision and ineptitude, and a victim of some incredibly freakish events from midges to trampolines. Somewhere in a parallel universe he's 12-2 with a 2.47 ERA. He definitely deserves a lot of good things in rapid succession.

4 Normando   ~  Jul 3, 2012 1:08 pm

Wonderful photo - so very, very genuine. Hard to tell who love who more.

5 Chyll Will   ~  Jul 3, 2012 3:12 pm

E.) All Of The Above >;)

6 Sliced Bread   ~  Jul 3, 2012 5:34 pm

3) he's made some mistakes, too. Let's not forget the DUI a couple years back. But I've always believed in, and rooted for Joba. I loved his story, and getting to shake hands with his Pop, and exchange a few words with Harlan at the old Stadium made me a Joba fan for life.

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