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I’ll be interesting to see how Masahiro Tanaka handles the lead off hitter the next time he faces the Blue Jays. Jose Reyes hit a home run on the first pitch of the game last night and although Tanaka labored through the first three innings that would be the lone run for the Jays. Tanaka pitched six innings and struck out ten. On an off-night.

My favorite at bat was the second time Jose Bautista came up. He whiffed the first time and now, behind 1-1 he laid off 2 straight breaking pitches, not sure if they were sliders or splitters. They were good pitches, too, but it looked as if he finally got a good read on them. So what does Tanaka do but stay with the breaking stuff. Threw 2 more and struck Bautista out again.

Final Score: Yanks 3, Jays 1. 

[Photo Via: Let’s Eat]

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