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Leaner, Faster, Strong

Dear Alex, please don’t break.

In the Daily News, John Harper has a piece about Alex Rodriguez.

Oooo La La

Riding on the Metro…Picture taken outside of Brussels by my uncle with his iPhone.

So This Is What It Feels Like To Go Insane

Last night I got home around 2 AM and still had some work to get done; this ad came on at about 3:30. You will note that it’s for a personal injury law firm and that it features a crudely drawn rapping, dancing squirrel.

I don’t think they should be allowed to air something like this at that hour. If it wasn’t for YouTube, which confirmed for me that this is a thing that exists, I might have checked myself into Bellvue.


Taster's Cherce

Thanks to the good people at Saveur, I found this great site, that is digging through the old Gourmet Magazine archives. Food Porn at it’s (dated) best.

Minor Threat

According to reports, the Yanks have signed Freddy Garcia to a minor league deal.

And Since There's No Place to Go…

Here’s hoping you all are having a great holiday.

All our best to you and yours.

You Could Look it Up

The main branch of the New York Public Library, another reason New York is so fresh.

Dig this tribute to vintage Curt Teich linen postcards over at The Selvedge Yard.

Million Dollar Movie


Movie Posters that scared me as a kid.

Scared me so much I didn’t see the movies until much later.


Cause there ain’t no such thing as too much Sammy.

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