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Million Dollar Movie



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Afternoon Art


The Searchers Japanese poster, via Wandrlust.

Fill in the Blanks

Vernon Wells’ father, Vernon (the artist known as “V”) Wells, is an illustrator.

Check out his site.


Morning Art

“Tribune De Lausanne,” by Herbert Leupin (1955)

Morning Art

Some Covers…


Afternoon Art

Blue Note Album Cover Week ends with a couple of gems.

Afternoon Art

More Blue Note, More.

Morning Art

Blue Note Badness…

Afternoon Art

More Blue Note Goodness.

Morning Art

More Blue Note goodness.

Morning Art

More Blue Note Covers.

Morning Art

More Blue Note covers.

Afternoon Art

Dig this most cool photo gallery of American restaurants, cafes, and dinners of the 1950s and ’60s over at the even cooler site, Retronaut.

(Peace to Brad for showing us the way to this one.)

Morning Art

Dig this bitchin’ gallery of book cover art by Robert McGinnis.

Afternoon Art

Dig these cool Raymond Chandler book covers by Tom Adams over at Scott Dutton’s most excellent blog.

Taster's Cherce

Look what I found, another dope site.

Hmmm, toaster bacon.

Bacon’s a fruit.

Baseball Player Name of the Week

I guess he was sort of the Coco Crisp of his day. Too bad he played so long ago, or he might have made himself some nice endorsement deals. Presenting:

Bud Weiser.

Bud Weiser not shown.

Weiser came about his nickname honestly – he was born Henry Budson Weiser in 1891 (about 13 years after Adolphus Busch, who had quite a name in his own right when you think about it, started his famous brewery). That was in Shamokin, PA, where Weiser also died, in 1961, and is buried in the fantastically named Odd Fellows Cemetery.

He never made it to the majors, but he had a long minor league career, playing with a few pauses here and there from 1911 to 1928, with 10 different teams from Scranton Wilkes-Barre to Dallas, the Charlotte Hornets to the Scottdale  Scotties. I bet Bud Weiser could have told a few stories.

Bonus names: Among his teammates were Ezra Midkiff, Wheat Orcutt, Norwood Hankee, and Bunny Hearn.

Norwood Hankee!

Leaner, Faster, Strong

Dear Alex, please don’t break.

In the Daily News, John Harper has a piece about Alex Rodriguez.

Oooo La La

Riding on the Metro…Picture taken outside of Brussels by my uncle¬†with his iPhone.

So This Is What It Feels Like To Go Insane

Last night I got home around 2 AM and still had some work to get done; this ad came on at about 3:30. You will note that it’s for a personal injury law firm and that it features a crudely drawn rapping, dancing squirrel.

I don’t think they should be allowed to air something like this at that hour. If it wasn’t for YouTube, which confirmed for me that this is a thing that exists, I might have checked myself into Bellvue.


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