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New York Minute

Here’s our pal Mark Lamster on the Seagram building:

Though it now seems an implacable and timeless monument, a bronzed monolith standing resolutely behind its well-proportioned plaza, the tower’s existence was by no means ordained. In June 1953 Ms. Lambert was a 26-year-old recently divorced sculptor living in Paris, a self-imposed exile from her native Montreal and from her domineering father.

It was then that she reeled off a missive to her father, a response to his own letter outlining plans for a New York skyscraper. She was not impressed with the undistinguished modern box his architects proposed and let him know: “This letter starts with one word repeated very emphatically,” she wrote, “NO NO NO NO NO.”

Seven more pages followed, in which Ms. Lambert alternately scolded, cajoled and lectured her father on architectural history and civic responsibility. There was “nothing whatsoever commendable” in the proposed design, she wrote. “You must put up a building which expresses the best of the society in which you live, and at the same time your hopes for the betterment of this society.”

[Photo Credit: IPhoneography]

The Big Sleep

My man Dimelo sent this separated-at-birth call to me last night. Not bad…

After the game yesterday, A’s starter, Dallas Braden was disappointed by the lack of Bronx Cheer he received:

I was expecting more,” said Braden, who verbally sparred with Alex Rodriguez early this season before throwing a perfect game against Tampa Bay on May 9. “They get an ‘F’ in my book.”
(N.Y. Daily News)

Here’s the thing, Dallas. Yankee fans don’t boo sub-.500 pitchers on losing teams. You don’t matter enough to boo. Now, that’s a diss.

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