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Brotherly Love

We’re proud to present this musical tribute to our brother Todd who passed away in December of 2009.  “Shadow Games” is percussion piece by Eric Sanders (better known around these parts as thelarmis). Here’s Eric:

The title of this piece, is by Bronx based baseball and human interest writer Todd Drew and was the name a column he wrote. Todd was a gem of a person and was taken from us far too early. This is my tribute to him and it begins with a big hands/feet fill I call “The Stampede”, to show my anger for his life being way too short. Todd appreciated “heady” music and loved jazz, latin & funk. I did my best to combine a lot of this in his honor.

The A section is an advanced linear version of the “Purdie Shuffle” and each phrase ends in a drum fill. The first half of the melody reminds me of Eric Dolphy (another one taken too early), while the second half strangely reminds me of Fleetwood Mac. Todd would love the dichotomy!
The B section is a latin-jazz groove in the Elvin Jones vein, circa his 1960’s work with the brilliant Wayne Shorter. This leads into a straight latin section, based around an Afro-Cuban 6/8.

I’m proud of the big solo section, which begins with a Tony Williams (who also died too soon…) influenced swing and leads into a long marimba solo, enhanced by vibraphone and supported wholly by the drums.

Dig it:

Shadow Games

All music composed and performed by Eric Sanders
© 2012 Published by Thelarmis Music (ASCAP)

Beat of the Day

Today’s record is being brought to you by one of our own, Eric Sanders, aka thelarmis.

Eric has a new CD out. You can check it out here. Represent!

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