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Beat of the Day



Saturdazed Soul

A cooled-out record for a lazy Saturday.

“Moon Dreams” Miles Davis

[Photo Via: Sleepless]

New York Minute

New York, New York. Dig.

[Photo Via: Eye Heart New York]

Beat of the Day

[Image Via: Jazz Corner]

Everyone’s a Crrrrrrrritic

Via Kottke check out this bit of Mile Davisness over at Noise Made Me Do It.

The Sixth Sense

Here’s a review of a new book about photography and jazz.

You can buy “Blue Notes in Black and White: Photography and Jazz,” by Benjamin Cawthra (University of Chicago Press), here.

[Pictures by Dennis Stock, Herman Leonard, William Claxton, Roy DeCarava, and Gjon Mili]

Big Sexy

Dig this gallery of famous people by Bob Willoughby.

Hot and Cool.

Beat of the Day

Miles and Trane.

Beat of the Day

[Photo Credit: Eva Besyno]

Night Moves

Herman Leonard, the famed jazz photographer passed away last weekend. He was 87. Here is some of his work:

Duke Ellington



Art Blakey

Dexter Gordon

Thank you, Mr. Leonard. You left us some bounty.

Beat of the Day

Miles and ‘Trane. ‘Nuff said.

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