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New York Minute

The weekends are quiet in town now. You can park–if you’ve got a car–and you can get to that restaurant you’ve been meaning to try. Or you can just enjoy the space afforded us now that folks are on vacation.

It’s civilized, man.

[Photo Via: I Want Change]

Beat of the Day

Man, it’s prematurely hot n humid out there. Summer’s comin’.

[Photograph by Fred De Casablanca]

New York Minute

In the summer, in the city, in the summer, in the city…

[Picture by Leonard Freed via Adam Marelli Photo]

New York Minute

Summer in New York is sweet because the town thins out some. People go on vacation, or at least they often vamoose for the weekend. The trains are less crowded cause kids are out of school.  The Farmer’s market has incredible fruit and veggies.

There’s plenty of flesh to enjoy.

So long as the power doesn’t go out–thank the heavens for ice cubes and air conditioning–life is good.

[Photo Via Bags and the most incredible, This Isn’t Happiness]

Cooled Out

There is no higher…

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