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The Big Game


Feeling sad today for the Super Bowl. It’s the Broncos vs. the Seahawks. I see Seattle as the better team but I’m pulling for Peyton. I liked the Seahawks as a kid–Kenny Easley was one of my favorite players–so I’ll be happy if they win. But a second title for Peyton is want I’d most like to see.

I don’t have any bets on the game but if I did I’d go with the Seahawks.

Regardless, let’s hope it’s a good game.

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New York Minute


Is the Super Bowl in New York just another pain in the ass to avoid?

Course it is. Will Leitch has more.

Close Encounter

I’m seeing big grins all around this morning.

Gints won it by this much. That’s four Super Bowls for them, eight championships all told. Impressive.

Twice as Nice

Goodness, Eli and the Giants break New England’s hearts once again.

Super Duper

Here’s a cool Super Bowl primer from the SI Vault–game recaps for every Super Bowl every played.

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