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Afternoon Art


Painting by Bradley Hankey via This Isn’t Happiness. 

Morning Art


Paintings by Oliver Wilson via This Isn’t Happiness. 


Taster’s Cherce


Thanks to This Isn’t Happiness for hipping me to this food fun.

New York Minute


Ash Wednesday, brought to you by Greg Miller (via This Isn’t Happiness).

Morning Art

Britain Art Mark Rothko Sale

Rothko…via This Isn’t Happiness. 

New York Minute


This snowy New York Minute is brought to you by the forever on point site: This Isn’t Happiness.

New York Minute


Sunday was a fun day in New York.

Photo Credit: brnyc via This Isn’t Happiness]

New York Minute

regional_transit_diagram tumblr_mxnopvZz1I1qz6f9yo1_500


Afternoon Art


Paintings by Robert Roth via This Isn’t Happiness.


Afternoon Art


Picture by Alex Roulette via This Isn’t Happiness.

Afternoon Art


Drawing by Zachary Johnson via This Isn’t Happiness.

Morning Art


Picture by Joe Webb via This Isn’t Happiness.

Morning Art


Photograph by Maury Postal via This Isn’t Happiness.

New York Minute

Pictures by Ezra Stoller via This Isn’t Happiness.

Afternoon Art

Can’t Look Away. Drawing by Harry Campbell

[Via This Isn’t Happiness]

Morning Art

Art in a book. Katharina Gaenssler via This Isn’t Happiness.

New York Minute

Going to the movies in a snowstorm? Now, that’s a good idea. I saw “The Color of Money” during a blizzard. What movies have you seen in the theater when it was snowing outside?

[Photo Credit: Pete Turner via the incredible site, This Isn’t Happiness]

Up Against It

Over at SI.com, our man Cliff takes a look at the Yankees’ aging roster:

The Yankees’ success over the last two decades was largely built around a core of home grown stars in Bernie Williams, Mariano Rivera, Derek Jeter, Andy Pettitte and Jorge Posada, but it’s clear that the end is nigh for each of them. Williams and Pettitte are retired, Posada is 39 and batting just .179 in the last year of his contract, Jeter is hitting a career-worst .255 as he approaches his 37th birthday and Rivera, though still pitching brilliantly, is 41 years old.

The decline of those players has brought attention to the advancing age and cost of the Yankees roster, which currently boasts five players who are at least 34 and earning eight-digit salaries and two other players earning annual salaries north of $20 million signed through or beyond their 34th birthdays. Setting aside Posada, who will turn 40 in August and is in the final year of his four-year, $52.4 million deal, here is a look at the six players the Yankees have signed through their age-34 season or beyond.

[Photo Credit: Ralph Gibson via This Isn’t Happiness]

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