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Giambo Speaks! (Sort of)

I got a late start this morning and the sun was up by the time I was walking east on 231st street to the subway. The streets looked virtually white in the sunshine. As clusters of people waddled their way down the street, wonderfully long and narrow shadows were cast behind them. The shadows must have been three or four times longer than a persons actual size. When I got on the train, I read a bit in the Times about Jason Giambi. Talk about a guy with a long shadow. According to Tyler Kepner:

Giambi has finally made contact with Yankees General Manager Brian Cashman.

“I’ve had good conversations with him,” Cashman said yesterday. “He’s doing well, working hard, and all his medicals are good. We’re looking forward to him returning and having a lot to prove.”

In other Yankee news–and boy, there hasn’t been much to talk about in the past few weeks–utility man Damian Rolls has been offered a minor-league contract, and the team is close to offering a similar deal to Doug Glanville, to serve as a back up outfielder.

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