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Beat of the Day

2011-25 001

Drive, he said.

[Photo Credit: Justin Thomas Leonard via MPD]


Afternoon Art



Taster’s Cherce


I’m no great fan of Babka but damn, this looks good.

[Photo Credit: Maren Caruso]

Happiness Is…

I have a friend who’ll watch the NFL and occasionally check in on a hockey or basketball game but who really sits around all winter waiting for baseball to return. He’d watch a channel that just showed a still picture of a baseball; that’d be enough to keep him warm.

I spoke to him  yesterday and he was so excited to see an exhibition game on TV.

So happy, in fact, he got busy with photoshop and sent this.


Ah, baseball.

New York Minute


If you are ever in Carroll Gardens stop by Esposito & Sons. I lived in that neighborhood from 1996-2000 and was a regular at Esposito’s–their pickled eggplant alone is worth the trip. Plus, John and George are Yankee fans.

I was happy to see this:

Esposito’s Pork Store, Brooklyn from Brinda Adhikari on Vimeo. [Photo Via: South Brooklyn Post]

Morning Art


Picture by Katsuhiro Otomo.

Beat of the Day


Work it out.

[Painting by conjunto universo via This Isn’t Happiness]

Morning Art



Let Me Finish…

These Michael Caine impressions are funny.

A Child Of The Century


The great Saturnino Orestes Arrieta, aka Minnie Minoso, is dead.

One of my favorite players in history, he was bona fide even if the Hall snubbed him.

Thank you, Papi.

Our Favorite Vulcan


Rest in Peace, Holmes.

Beat of the Day


Man, listen:

[Painting by Arturo Samaniego]

Taster’s Cherce


George Orwell on how to make a proper cup of tea. 

[Photo Credit: I Ate My Way Through]

World Famous


Okay, random question of the day: Who were the most Internationally famous athletes of the 20th Century? I’ve got Ruth, Ali, Pele and Jordan.

It doesn’t matter if people around the world knew or cared about baseball or boxing or basketball. Just that these guys were recognized as being famous.

Who else? Tiger, Lance? I don’t know anything about cricket and little about soccer–Maradona, perhaps?

Pre-WWII is harder to figure: Jesse Owens, Jack Johnson, Joe Louis? DiMaggio because of Marilyn–and even Hemingway? There’s no right answer, I’m just throwing it out there.

Whadda ya hear, whadda ya say?

Million Dollar Movie


Master Class. 

Taster’s Cherce


I know it’s not the weekend. Hell, it’s not even the morning. But still, Grandma Bercher’s Cinnamon Rolls look slammin’.

Food 52 wins again (and so do we).

New York Minute


Michael Daly’s got a story to tell. 

[Photo Credit: NYC Subway Rider]

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