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The Yanks host the Sox and there ain’t much at stake but the Bombers’ flickering playoff hopes.

All that and Zoilo Almonte was designated for assignment. At least Zelous is still around.

CF Jacoby Ellsbury
SS Derek Jeter
LF Brett Gardner
1B Mark Teixeira
RF Carlos Beltran
DH Brian McCann
2B Martin Prado
3B Chase Headley
C Francisco Cervelli

Never mind the call ups:

Let’s Go Yank-ees!

Picture by Bags. 



Roger Angell on DJ:

All right, I’ll settle for one more inside-out line-drive double to deep right —the Jeter Blue Plate that’s been missing of late. It still astounds me—Derek’s brilliance as a hitter has always felt fresh and surprising, for some reason—and here it comes one more time. The pitch is low and inside, and Derek, pulling back his upper body and tucking in his chin as if avoiding an arriving No. 4 train, now jerks his left elbow and shoulder sharply upward while slashing powerfully down at and through the ball, with his hands almost grazing his belt. His right knee drops and twists, and the swing, opening now, carries his body into a golf-like lift and turn that sweetly frees him while he watches the diminishing dot of the ball headed toward the right corner. What! You can’t hit like that—nobody can! Do it again, Derek.

It’s sobering to think that in just a few weeks Derek Jeter won’t be doing any of this anymore, and will be reduced to picturing himself in action, just the way the rest of us do. On the other hand, he’s never complained, and he’s been so good at baseball that he’ll probably be really good at this part of it too.


AP ON TV The Wire


And if you haven’t seen it, check out Margaret Talbot’s 2007 New Yorker profile of David Simon.



Is there anything more precious in New York than space? Say you are standing on an avenue–Amsterdam or Columbus. A clutch of vehicles pass by and then there is nothing. You look down the avenue and there is space. For a New Yorker, this is a small luxury because the space is perishable. In another moment, the next procession of cars and trucks come along. But for a moment, the sense of space is beautiful.

Which is why Labor Day Weekend is my favorite holiday of the year in New York. You’ve got space. It is quiet. And soon, that will gone, replaced by returning vacationers, kids ready to go to school, people back to work.

Today is the most acute because now we’re down to a matter of hours before the city music begins again. But this morning, even into the late afternoon, it’s still and calm here in New York. Summer. Corn and tomatoes and long days. Drink it in. Watch some baseball. Listen to some tunes. Or just walk around, feel the space, and enjoy the silence.

Yanks are off today but there are other games on TV all afternoon.

Happy living, y’all.

[Photo Credit: Danielle Hughson]



A plump 3-0 lead, Bradon McCarthy pitching well, 2 outs in the 6th inning. Sunday looking like a good day for the Yanks. Then Melky Cabrera hits a bomb, and Jose Bautista hits a shot (he’s homered in his last five games). Edwin Encarnacion joined the party with a solo blast of his own in the 7th, and a base hit off the otherwise stellar Dellin Betances resulted into a close play at the plate and when the smoke cleared the Jays went ahead, where they’d stay to beat the Yanks, 4-3.

Yanks got the tying run on second with one out in the 9th, and then had him 90 feet away with two out for Derek Jeter. But the captain didn’t have a headline in him, just another weak, harmless line out to second.

Couple of painful losses this weekend, Juice. Brutal.

[Picture by Hugo Pratt]

Do You Believe?


…In these Yankees? Do they have a ’95 September run in them? Remember when it was Mattingly’s last month of baseball. Mebbe they’s kin do something likewise for DJ.

The most effective Mr. McCarthy’s on the mound today:

Brett Gardner CF
Derek Jeter DH
Martin Prado 2B
Mark Teixeira 1B
Carlos Beltran RF
Chase Headley 3B
Francisco Cervelli C
Stephen Drew SS
Zelous Wheeler LF

Never mind the breaks:

[Picture by Bags]

Only the Lonely


Michael Pineda made one mistake, hung one breaking ball, and Jose Bautista hit it, good for a 2-run homer. The Yankees managed one hit. That’s how it’s been and that’s how it went yesterday as the Blue Jays won, 2-0.


[Photo Via: The Minimalisto]

I Can See Clearly Now

tumblr_nay41zRuJc1qbhl2oo1_1280 It’s the big fella, Pineda. Yo, we haven’t talked about it much but the one thing that stands out to me about Pineda is his swagger. He’s got great stuff, clearly, and some attitude to back it up. Yanks haven’t had a cocky dude like him as a starter for awhile.

The boys need him to be on today. Ellsbury’s out of the line-up.

Brett Gardner CF

Derek Jeter SS

Carlos Beltran DH

Mark Teixeira 1B

Brian McCann C

Martin Prado LF

Stephen Drew 2B

Chase Headley 3B

Ichiro Suzuki RF

Never mind nuthin’: Let’s Go Yank-ees!


[Picture by Bags]

Hangin’ Around


Down 1-0 after 6, man, it looked like another one of those nights. But then the Yanks scored 5 runs, added another one late on a solo home run by Jacoby Ellsbury, as they beat the Jays 6-3.

Nice job by Chris Capuano who told reporters after the game, “I couldn’t be prouder to get a win as a Yankee. It feels really good.”

It ain’t over.

[Picture by Bags]

Lovely How I Let My Mind Float


Yanks are on the edge of something exciting or something depressing.

They’ll play three this weekend in Toronto.

Jacoby Ellsbury CF
Derek Jeter SS
Martin Prado 3B
Mark Teixeira 1B
Brian McCann C
Carlos Beltran DH
Brett Gardner LF
Ichiro Suzuki RF
Stephen Drew 2B

Never mind the bollocks:

Let’s Go Yank-ees!

[Photo Credit: Morgan Maassen via This Isn't Happiness]

Damn Skippy



[Photo Credit: YES Tours]

What Can and Will Be


Afternoon Delight.

Jacoby Ellsbury CF
Derek Jeter SS
Martin Prado 2B
Mark Teixeira 1B
Carlos Beltran DH
Brian McCann C
Chase Headley 3B
Brett Gardner LF
Zelous Wheeler RF

Never mind the sunshine:

Let’s Go Yank-ees!

[Photo Credit: Chris Heads]

Beat of the Day


Never even thought about it…

[Photo Credit: Matilde Viegas]

Morning Art


Picture by Logan Hagege.

New York Minute


But beautiful.

Picture by Hiroshi Sugitomo.

Taster’s Cherce


Last night I sat at one of the community tables at Red Farm on the Upper West Side. I had a view of Broadway between 76th and 77th Street, and looked at the west side of the block where Big Nick’s used to be. Thirty years ago my father started dating the woman who’d become my step mother; she lived a block away, so I’m familiar with the vicinity. Or was.

Around me, the restaurant was clean, bright and full. The service was efficient and helpful, the food expensive, the portions small, and the taste, delicious. The crowd was well-scrubbed–the Hamptons, Abercrombie and Fitch, nouveau riche set.  I was reminded of something a friend of mine told me last week. This friend is about 15 years older than me and he grew up on the Upper West Side in the 1960s and ’70s. He hasn’t lived there for years but recently went on a first date at a spot on Amsterdam Avenue. He sat with the woman at an outdoor cafe and she remarked how lovely it was. Knowing what it had once been, disgusted at what it’s become, he told her it was like sitting in the front row of a farting contest.

They didn’t have a second date. At Red Farm, the crowd, prices, and portions might be enough to keep a sensible person away. But the food was damn tasty so I think I’ll go again.

[Photo Credit: The Daily Muse]

Would Ya Believe?


The Yanks made like the Gashouse Gorillas and put a beatin’ on David Price and the Tigers.

That’s baseball, Suzyn…

[Photo Credit: Credit Paul Sancya/Associated Press]

No Time to Slide


David Price is all that stands in the way of the start of a new winning streak. Oh, and a bunch of OK hitters too. And Verlander tomorrow.

Never mind the funny stuff:

Let’s Go Yank-ees!

[Picture by Bags]

Morning Art


“Portrait of Lunia Czechowska” By Amedeo Modigliani (1919)

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