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Saturdazed Soul


Smooth out the R&B.

Picture by Bags

Sundazed Soul


“My God Is Real”–Al Green

[Photo Credit: Phil Greitzer]

Sundazed Soul


“So Good to Be Here”–Al Green

[Picture Via: Great Art in Ugly Rooms]

Beat of the Day



[Picture by Bags]

Sundazed Soul


NFL playoffs and all…

“It Ain’t No Fun To Me”–Rev Al

[Photo Credit: Garrett Grove via MPD]

Saturdazed Soul

The Yankees’s DL squad needed a left-hander in to compliment Ivan Nova and Michael Pineda; Andy Pettitte obliged them as he joined the walking wounded yesterday (15 day DL).

So Hiroki Kuroda went out and made us forget that storyline–oh yeah, it’s called “a narrative” these days–as he two-hit the Blue Jays over eight innings. How solid has this guy been? Man, what a pleasure.

Final Score: Yanks 5, Jays 0.

“Livin’ For You”–Al Green


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Saturdazed Soul

Say Good Mornin’, Gracie.

Saturdazed Dreams of…

Beat of the Day

The Good Reverend Al.

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Beat of the Day

Baby, I’m so glad you’re here…

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Beat of the Day

Here’s some Monday morning soul to ease you into the week…

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Saturday Soul

Take me…

Saturday Soul

Seems like summer…

May Day

The Good Reverend Welcomes Us to May…

Beat of the Day

Beat of the Day

During the short, cold days of winter the Summer Game is never far from our thoughts:

Sunday Morning Soul

The Good Reverend…

Before the Grits…

Rise n Shine

It’s a lovely spring morning in the Bronx. Today gives NBA playoffs and baseball, lots more baseball.

Yanks go for the sweep against the Rangers.  Here’s hoping for a good day. In the meantime, some Sunday soul.

There’s a Whole Lot of Things You and I Could Do


I love the sound of footsteps crunching in the snow, especially at night. You can feel the quiet around you, a heightened intimacy. Reminds me of this Al Green song. A music nyerd friend of mine once told me that producer Willie Mitchell achieved the vibe on the record by turning up the volume on all the microphones in the studio. Then Green sang softly and the band played softly, to great effect. They are all up in your ear hole…crunchy.

Dig it:

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