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Beat of the Day


I get boom service just like room service.

[Picture Via: Minus Manhattan ]

Beat of the Day

Straight to the hole like my man Malik Sealy.

Beat of the Day

Present tense means you dig it, past tense means you dug it.

[Photo Via: New York Shitty by way of This Isn’t Happiness]

Beat of the Day

The first time I hit the wax it was the news of my block/Everybody in my neighborhood said “Puba don’t stop.”

“Mind Your Business” Grand Puba (unreleased remix)

[Picture by Bags]

Beat of the Day


A favorite:

[Photo Credit: InsidiOusly]

Beat of the Day

Happy Friday.

Nifty sample flip by Puba:

Saturdazed Soul

Brand Nu

[Photo Credit: d00bied]

Feelin’ Sluggish?

Perk up with this:

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