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New York Minute


Class is in session. From the most excellent Notes on New York. 


New York Minute


Scouting New York tackles The Godfather. Tasty.

(Thanks to Kottke for the link.)

New York Minute

Seen, at the indoor market on Arthur Avenue this weekend.

Million Dollar Movie

Christophe Courtois’ movie poster blog is slammin’.

Am I right?






Million Dollar Movie

G. D. Spradlin died this summer and over at the wonderful site,  Sergio Leone and the Infield Fly Rule, you’ll find a nice tribute to the actor.

Millon Dollar Movie

I’m with a guy who thinks Wyoming is a country. You think you got problems?


John Cazale (left) apparently ad-libbed that line in Dog Day Afternoon. Cazale was in five movies: Godfather I, Godfather II, The Conversation, Dog Day Afternoon and The Deer Hunter. Pound-for-pound perhaps the greatest movie career in history. And he was terrific in all of them.

Cazale, who died of bone cancer before The Deer Hunter was released, is the subject of a documentary tonight on HBO.

I’m so there.

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