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We see homeless people so often that they don’t even register. But sometimes, especially during the winter months, the sadness, illness, and isolation is enough to break your heart.


1 ms october   ~  Feb 23, 2011 10:38 am

good post alex.
it is so hard seeing people with nothing. the people who still have enough hope to be desperate really break my heart.

2 hiscross   ~  Feb 23, 2011 9:41 pm

Sad picture indeed. I work in DC and I see the same people with cups out everyday. The question is why? Well, my parents lived during the real depression. Either finished high school and both were blue collar types. They bought a small home in CT and stayed there until my Dad died in 99. My Dad seldom, if ever went to church, so that chore was put on my mother. My Dad was a WWII Vet who served with Patton liberate France, Italy, and later Germany. They worked hard and provided. Either was a Christian, but the both believed in Jesus. That helped me later in life when I got reconnected to Jesus. They never asked for a thing, but gave all they had to our family and community (my mother was Den Mother and Dad coached LL, BR, and Legion). I can say they taught my brother and me one thing, responsibility. That is a word seldom mentioned much. People want some thing for nothing. Banks and Politian’s make bad decisions and they place the responsibility to pay on the US citizen, Maybe it is our fault since we vote these people into office and put our money into the banksters vault. Maybe these homeless have one over on the rest. They don't vote or have any money to save. In the end, I bet they get into heaven and the rest will be looking up to them wishing they were responsible.

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