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The Whirled Serious


Pulling for the Royals though I think the Giants will win it all.

Hope I’m wrong. And hope it goes 7.

Let’s Go Base-ball!

[Photo Credit: Charlie Riedel/AP via It's a Long Season]

Things That Go Boom in the Night



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ABC: Always Be Closing


Giants look to close out the Cards and head to the Whirled Serious.

But maybe the Cards’ll prove to be a tough out and take this series back to St. Louis.

Either way, we’ll be watching.

Let’s Go Base-ball!

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And For My Next Trick…


Can the Royals winning streak continue? Will the Cards tie up the NLCS?

Which one of these?

Let’s Go Base-ball!

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Two games! Woo Hoo.

Let’s Go Base-ball!

[Photo Credit: Jed Jacobsohn for The New York Times]

About That Time


It was a beautiful, crisp fall day in New York. The sun was out, the air was cool. Now, in the evening, it’s cold.

Good day for cooking. Made an apple crumble pie with The Wife this afternoon. We’ll have a slice each tonight, she’ll bring the rest to work tomorrow.

Meantime, after hours of football–and more tonight for the locals (Giants-Eagles, which is never no joke)–we’ve got Game 2 of the NLCS. The Giants cruised last night behind their stud, Bumgardner. Let’s see if the Cards can even the series before they head out to San Francisco.

Never mind nuthin’:

Let’s Go Yank-ees!

Picture by Bags.

Double Dip


Two games today. First, the AL, and tonight, Game 1 of the NLCS.

Let’s Go Base-ball!

Picture by Bags.

Something Old Something New, Something Orange Something Blue


O’s vs. the Royals. It’s got a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? I’ll be happy for either team should they win but I’m siding with the O’s to start. Because of Buck, really. Plus, they’ve just got a lot of likable guys. Royals are hilarious, all those fast guys–Hosmer and Alex Gordon, and all those live arms in the bullpen.

Anyhow, hope it goes 7 and ends in extra innings.

Let’s Go Base-ball!

[Photo Via: Just in Weather]

Redbird Backlash

From my pal Brian Gunn:

I have some friends—Cardinals fans—who went to a game in Yankee Stadium in 2003. During a rain delay a segment of Yanks’ fans in the bleachers began serenading them with the sing-songy chant, “Dar-ryl Kile!… Dar-ryl Kile!” This was about a year after Kile, ace pitcher for the Cardinals, died suddenly in a Chicago hotel room. Now, do I hold this assholery against all Yankees fans, much less all of New York City? Of course not. That’d just be innumerate crap.

But of course we do this all the time: Red Sox fans, you often hear, are loudmouths; Dodgers fans are too distracted to arrive at the game before the fourth inning; Cubs fans are just there for the beer and brats. These are lazy stereotypes, false more often than not; yet places like Deadspin and Grantland and Bloomberg have no problem pushing these clichés as if they were actual think pieces.

The truth is, there are literally millions of Cardinals fans throughout the country—a mix of earnest Midwesterners, shrill dickheads, corny suburban dads, jorts-wearing dudes with rattails, hedge fund managers, soybean farmers, restaurateurs, night-shift nurses, old folks, schoolkids, PhD students, carpool moms, ex-cons, and that one guy who used to live down the street from you. For a sportswriter to think he has a handle on a fan base this big and diverse is so wrong-headed you feel kinda silly pointing it out.


Why So Glum?


Don’t like either team in the NLCS. Really like both teams in the ALCS. Rooting in the Serious this year will be easy.

But who to root for? The Cards or the Giants? That’s a tough one.

Show and Prove


Dodgers up against it in St. Louis today. L.A. is going with their ace on 3 days rest. What cherce do they have?

Later, the Nats look to force a Game 5 themselves as they send Gio Gonzalez to the hill.

We’ll be watching:

Let’s Go Base-ball!

Picture by Bags. 

National League Monday


Nats need to win to stay alive; Dodgers and Cards are tied at 1.

Let’s GO Base-ball!

[Photo Credit: Aleck Venegas]

Oh, My


Hey, Hey, whadda ya say? So it’s gonna be the Royals and the O’s in the ALCS: This is so cool.

[Photo Credit: Gregory Shamus/Getty Images]

Get Your Back Up Off the Wall


Elimination games from here on out in the American League.

I’m rooting for the Orioles to win the series but today I’m pulling for David Price. Would like to see the series go five.

In that spirit I should want the Royals and Angels to go five as well but I think I’m rooting for KC to end it tonight at home.

Happy Sunday.

Let’s GO Base-Ball!

Picture by Bags

Catching Up, Pulling Ahead



National League playoffs:

Giants at Nats; Dodgers host Cards.

Let’s Go Base-ball!

Friday Funski


Four games today: O’s and Tigers; Nats and Giants; Dodgers, Cards, and Angels Royals.

Oh, Doctor.

Let’s Go Base-ball!

Illustration by Robert J. Lee via No Such Thing As Was…thanks to It’s a Long Season for pointing out the facts]

Everything Must Go


Tonight gives O’s vs Tigers then Angels vs Royals.

American League playoff funski.

Let’s Go Base-ball!

Picture by Bags. 

Constant Elevation


A record producer friend once told me that Check Your Head,  the Beastie Boys’ 3rd album, was perfectly realized. That’s stuck with me over the years, the idea of being able to achieve something that lives up to your ambition. In a 1978 Playboy Interview, Bob Dylan said: “The closest I ever got to the sound I hear in my mind was on individual bands in the Blonde on Blonde album. It’s that thin, that wild mercury sound. It’s metallic and bright gold, with whatever that conjures up.”

I thought of this after reading Jeremy Collins’ terrific story on SB Nation, “Thirteen Ways of Looking at Greg Maddux”. As Tom Junod said on Twitter, “Every once in a while, a writer throws everything he’s got into a story. This is one of those stories.”

Sometimes, after I’ve read a good story I feel envious. After reading this piece, though, I felt elevated. It’s clear that Collins spent a long time, years, figuring out how to tell this ambitious, strong and exact story.

It’s worth your time.

[Photo Credit: Jamie Squire/Getty Images]

All Together Now


Where’s my disco whistle?

Let’s Go Pi-Rates!

Lift Off


Well, that was fun.

For some of us, anyhow. Ned Yost escaped a curious pitching decision while the A’s disastrous second half ended in misery.

The rest of us we entertained.

[Photo Credit: AP]

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