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Monday Groove.

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sitting there

Sunroof top:

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Still diggin’…the low end theory.

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Move On Up


From a 1976 interview with Curtis Mayfield posted over at Soul Music (found via Lonform):

DN: In recent times, you’ve been working in the studios, producing yourself and other people and you haven’t been out on the road. How do you know at what point you can stop driving yourself, working hard?

CM: Well, I guess when you’ve got your trophies, your little awards they become like in the past tense. To me, I don’t feel that I’m a great success – although I’m sure on the other side, people look on me as having achieved many, many things. I guess people feel that based on what I’ve done in the past, I’m a success. I’m very proud of that and yet, because of my outlook on things and how I take in my rewards – I guess I’ll never feel that I’m a great, great success – it takes a lot of ego and playing a role that I’m not. I like the idea of having money, just living a bit better – it’s easier to do that. I’m very happy that I’m in an area that people turn their heads and listen, that I’ve got respect and naturally, I feel proud of myself.

And then, every couple of years, when you get the money in, you wonder if you’re winning or losing. It’s possible for it to become a burden – you have to insure it, support it, and then with the success comes sacrifice – the non-privacy – I cherish the time I can get away from it all.

Then, there’s your personal life that’s very important. I’m just happy that I’m here, and I see other areas where I can still prove my versatile and creative ability – I hope to achieve the best I can.

I wouldn’t mind owning 300 million dollars! But you never want to reach the peak because after all, when you’ve gone all the way up, the only way to go is down.

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film is god

Runnin’ wild…

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Sundazed Soul


Depressing performance by David Price yesterday, beautiful game in Oakland last night.

Today gives games in Pittsburgh and Los Angeles, also football, food, chores and assorted Sunday business.

“Only You Babe” (Single Edit)–Curtis Mayfield

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Sundazed Soul

“Only You Babe”–Curtis

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“In Your Arms Again (Shake It)”–Curtis

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Saturdazed Soul

Oh, yeah.

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Saturday Soul

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